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Given SPI Albania's single-minded implementation orientation, we monitor enactment activities that take place after SPI Committee endorsement of a Project Working Group proposal very closely. Although enactment activities are not under SPI Albania control, we believe that transparency helps create accountabilities for results under the modernization program.


Enactement Monitoring


SPI Committee


Communication to Relevant Authority

Present Status within the Authority

Last Follow- up


Envisaged Action

   Actual Enactment

IFRS November 4, 2008 November 6, 2008 Under BoA Supervision Department analysis
To follow up with Supervision Department for Consultations on Individual Regulations November  2008
Auction Procedures – proposals on Civil Procedure Code amendment November 4, 2008 September 24, 2008 - PWG contributions sent to Ministry of Justice.
October 6, 2008. PWG Proposals  sent  to Ministry of Justice
November 13, 2008 – Findings of the Regulatory Impact Assessment sent to the Parliament
Sent to the President of the Republic for final Decree

December 2008
Auction Procedures - feedback to draft Law on Private Bailiff and recommendations on Public Bailiff November 4, 2008 September 24, 2008 - PWG comments sent to Ministry of Justice
November 7, 2008 – PWG contributions sent to Ministry of Justice
Approved Law released for public information
To follow up on the possible cooperation with MoJ in improving Public Bailiff December 2008
Enhancing Bank's Liquidity Risk Management August 2009 N/A N/A August 209
October 2009