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Financial education is a very important decision tool for consumers living in an increasingly sophisticated and globalized financial market, enabling them to budget and manage their income, save, borrow and invest efficiently, understand and protect themselves against specific risks and as well as avoid becoming victims of fraud.
Financial education promotes also competition among financial intermediaries and ensures the smooth functioning of financial markets and the economy.
Consumer education is a policy instrument for authorities to contribute to a sustainable growth in financial intermediation activities and a marketing tool for financial institutions to build robust client relationships.


Updated on: May 12, 2009


Current Status

SPI Secretariat is preparing the proposals for a National Strategy and for a medium–term, structured and nation-wide for Consumer Financial Education program to be finalized in the third and final PWG meeting to take place in April.


SPI Secretariat PWG Evaluation Summary Findings

Improving Consumer Financial Education Final PWG Recommendation

Draft National Strategy for Improving Consumer Financial Education

Proposed Medium Term Action Plan for Imporoving Consumer Financial Education

Note on Alternative Funding Sources

Presentation of the CostBenefit Qualitative Analysis

Presentation of Note on Albanian Experience

Presentation of SPI Albania and Introduction of Participants

Draft Note on International Experience

Scoping of the Problem Document


 SPI Committee Enactment Correspondence


 • Signed SPI Committee Letter on Consumer Financial Education to Ministry of Economy


Anila Jani Project Owner (PO),Market Surveillance Department Director, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy
Ina Kraja Co-Project Manager, Director of Foreign Relations, European Integration and Communications Department, Bank of Albania
Mamica Dhamo Co-Project Manager, Head of Consumer Protection Section, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy
Brunilda Kostare Deputy Project Manager, Albanian Association of Banks, General Counsel
Rinald Guri Deputy Project Manager, Albanian Supervisory Authority, Head of Section


Islam Cani Albanian Consumers’ Association
Altin Goxhaj
Zyra per Mbrojtjen e Konsumatorit
Daniela Skendaj
Sonila Metohu Ministry of Finance
Monika Kocaqi Women’s Association

Terms of Reference

Project Working Group Meeting Agendas, Documents and Minutes


Third meeting

To be held

Agenda and Minutes

Second meeting

March 9, 2009

Agenda and Minutes

First meeting

January 29, 2009

Agenda and Minutes