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BoA is seeking to improve and to expand the coverage of the regulation on capital adequacy in order to capture a wider range of risks faced by the banks. The methodology used in the current frameworks calculates the (minimum) regulatory capital to cover only for credit risk. Other risk typologies, such as operational risk, have not been addressed yet. Therefore BoA proposes to improve risk management by improving the methodology for calculating risk weighted assets, by improving the existing methodology on credit risk and by including the operational risk.

Updated on: May 6, 2009

Current Status

As more information on international experience with capital adequacy to operational and credit risks was needed, SPI Secretariat and the Project Management team met with Raiffeisen Bank representatives from Risk Management Department.
SPI Secretariat is preparing for the third PWG meeting in which the PWG members will be organized in sub-groups in order to formulate PWG regulatory proposals


Cost-Benefit Analysis

Project Capital Adequacy CB Questionnaire

Minutes of the meeting of PMT with RBAL Risk Department

• Presentation of Intesa SanPaolo Bank on Credit Risk Methodology

Note on International Experience

Scoping of the Problem Document

Presentation of SPI Albania and Introduction of Participants


Indrit Banka      Project Owner (PO), Director Supervision Department, Bank of Albania
Miranda Ramaj      Project Manager (PM), Deputy Director Supervision Department, Bank of Albania
Adela Xhemali      Deputy Project Manager (DPM), VP, CFO Intesa San Paolo Bank


Admir Ramadani    First Investment Bank
Adela Leka
   Pro Credit
Brunilda Jacovi
   National Bank of Greece
Jola Dima
   Intesa San Paolo Bank
Entela Gjyzari    Banka Popullore

Terms of Reference

SPI Committee Documents

Project Working Group Meeting Agendas, Documents and Minutes


Second meeting     January 22, 2009  Agenda and Minutes

First meeting     December 5, 2008  Agenda and Minutes