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European University of Tirana

In January 2009, SPI Albania and European University of Tirana organized a seminar to introduce the SPI Albania modernization platform and  methodology to Banking and Finance Students. 
During the seminar, SPI Albania Secretariat and EUT Rector, Prof. Civici, signed a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the areas of collaboration with the University. The MoU provides a cooperation framework with mutual benefits for the two parties: operational assistance and institutional outreach for SPI Albania and enrichment of academic experience and access to future employees for the European University students.

Italian Banking Association - (Associazione Bancaria Italiana - ABI)

In March 2009, SPI Albania and the Italian Banking Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Based on this partnership, for one year starting April 2009, SPI Albania's analytical and consensus-buidling activities will benefit from ABI's support. ABI is one of the most advanced professional associations in Europe and has a comprehensive experience in dealing with a variety of modernization issues as it has completed more than 2,400 regulatory changes in the last five years.