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With Regione Puglia's support, Convergence Program envisages expanding the SPI network in the Adriatic region, covering Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia.

In order to create this regional network and economy of scale in respect of the projects undertaken, based on the local stakeholders’ invitation (associations of banks and central banks), Convergence Program could support to raise awareness on SPI country program and organize its launch activities. Once funding sources are identified for a two-year program, Convergence Program helps recruit and train the SPI Country Secretariat.

Overtime, SPI country programs should develop a strong SEE common component. SPI Adriatic could emerge as a confederation of SPI Country Secretariats and a Regional Steering Committee would be responsible for harmonizing country programs and solutions in alignment with EU priorities and programs.

The Regione Puglia has already applied for EU financing for SPI Adriatic under the European Territorial Co-operation Programme. It will seek financial support for SPI Adriatic with other available EU development programs. The Bari conference on 7 November 2008 is another tangible sign of the Regione Puglia's committment to building strong cooperation with its neighbours on the Eastern shores of the Adriatic.