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SPI Committee Members:

Mr. Fatos Ibrahimi
First Deputy Governor Bank of Albania
Mr. Libero Catalano Chairman Association of Albanian Banks
Mr. Nezir Haldedaj General Treasury Director Ministry of Finance
Mr. Keler Gjika Deputy Chairman Financial Supervisory Authority
Ms. Anila Jani Market Surveillance Director Ministry of Economy
Mr. Luigi Passamonti Head of Convergence Program The World Bank


Permanent observers:

Mr. Pierfrancesco Gaggi

SPI Albania Technical Partner

Italian Banking Association

Ms. Luljeta Minxhozi Dean of Economics Faculty European University of Tirana




The SPI Committee oversees the activities of the SPI Albania. It endorses the projects to be launched, thus signaling an ex-ante public-private agreement on issues that should be undertaken in order to contribute to financial sector modernization. This signal mobilizes Albania’s best professionals to join forces in public-private working groups where the relevant stakeholders are represented.

It reviews work-in-progress, as periodically summarized by the SPI Secretariat, with a view to removing unnecessary obstacles and providing direction towards acceptable solutions.

It discusses the working group proposals and, upon endorsement, it transmits them to the competent authorities for enactment.

It monitors enactment activities and, wherever, necessary, it intervenes with follow-on actions.

Meeting Agendas, Documents and Minutes

Fifth Meeting

December 17, 2009

   Agenda and Minutes

Fourth Meeting

June 25, 2009

   Agenda and Minutes

Third meeting

March 12, 2009

   Agenda and Minutes

Second meeting

November 4, 2008

   Agenda and Minutes

First meeting

June 10, 2008

   Agenda and Minutes

Informal meeting

March 27, 2008

   Agenda and Minutes



Key Documents


SPI Albania Operating Guidelines

Official Correspondence


                    Sent to


 February 15, 2010  The World Bank Albania Country Office

SPI Committee's Thank you Letter to the World Bank for the Convergence Program's Assistance


 February 02, 2010


  Association of Albanian Banks

SPI Committee's Appeal Letter to the Association of Albania Banks on SPI Albania's Future


July 3, 2009


Ms. Ramona Bratu, Former SPI Albania General Manager

Thank you letter on behalf of SPI Albania Stakeholders for the services rendered.

March 16,


Council of Ministers,
Department of Strategy and Donor’s Coordination;
Director Albana Vokshi
Participation in the 2-3 April Donors Coordination Conference

   January 19,

International Finance Corporation
Country Officer Elira Sakiqi

Collateral Enforcement- Appraisal Standards

November 04,
The Parliament of Albania; Committee for Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights;
Chairman Ilir Rusmaili
Proposals on the draft law on “Some changes and amendments on the law
no. 8116, dt. 29.03.2006, Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Albania” and draft law on “Liberalization of Bailiff Services”
November 04, 2008 Ministry of Justice;
Minister Enkelejd Alibeaj
Proposals on the improvement of
the Public Bailiff Services
November 04, 2008 Bank of Albania; 
Governor Mr. Ardian Fullani
Proposals on the main principles of the amendments on the Banks’ Regulations after the implementation of IFRS
November 04, 2008 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy; Department of Market Surveillance;
Director Anila Jani

Information on some proposals on the draft law on “Changes and amendments on the law no. 8116, dt. 29.03.2006, Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Albania”

November 04, 2008 IFRS Implementation PWG members

Letter of Congratulations on the project Conclusion

June 18, 
Ministry of Justice;
Minister Enkelejd Alibeaj
Invitation for collaboration in the public-private initiative on the Albanian Financial Sector Modernization
 June 18,


Ministry of Public Affairs,
Transport and Telecommunications 
Minister Sokol Olldashi
Invitation to support the public-private initiative on the Albanian Financial
Sector Modernization