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Under SPI Committee oversight, and with support from the Convergence Program, the SPI Secretariat supports the analyses formulated by the working groups with qualitative and quantitative evidence and adds an international perspective to the documents submitted for SPI Committee endorsement. Please review our Activity Reports.

The SPI Secretariat strives to help public and private stakeholders achieve commonly-agreed solutions with evidence-based analytical approaches. Through reliance on regulatory impact assessment (RIA) techniques and associated public consultation sessions, the SPI Secretariat aims at building a Better Regulation culture in Albania.

SPI Albania is continuously seeking to improve the cooperation framework with its stakeholders. Prepared for consultations with BoA and AAB, these documents illustrate how SPI Secretariat activities complement and support those of the two stakeholders.

One of the instruments used for determining the ways to improve SPI Secretariat's role, responsibilities, and activities is the attached questionnaire that is filled in by the members of the Project Working Group at the finalization of each project.
SPI Secretariat could play different roles in managing a project, either having  the leading part, or sharing the analitical activities with a technical anchor or  supporting only the Project Working Group and a Technical Anchor.

Current Management

Ms. Ramona Bratu, SPI Regional Operations Director.

Ms. Bratu joined Convergence Program in 2007, as SPI Romania Director for Bank Products and Services, her main responsibilities being to prepare the SPI projects pipeline and to analyze how laws and regulations affect the business processes and how the delivery of bank products and services could be improved through changes in regulations. Ms. Bratu has a long managerial experience in various Romanian banks (Unicredit Tiriac, Eximbank, Commercial Bank of Greece, Daewoo Bank and Dacia Felix Bank) where she has covered a variety of banking areas such as individual and corporate lending, trade finance, foreign loans and treasury. After graduating from Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Ms. Bratu got her PhD with the same institution.
E-mail: ramona.bratu@convergence-see.eu

Ms. Anuela Ristani, Director of Operations

Ms. Ristani brings to SPI Albania her management expertise through various businesses. Her experience includes Raiffeisen Bank, Porsche AG, and Albanian Mobile Communications. As the Director of Operations Ms. Ristani will be mainly responsible to establish and maintain the relationships with the banking community, SPI Albania partners, local and foreign experts. Ms. Ristani will serve as the coordinator for all Project Working Group Activities of SPI Albania.
E-mail: Anuela.ristani@spi-albania.eu



Ms. Endrita Xhaferaj, Director of Financial Modernization Program and Analytics

Ms. Endrita Xhaferaj joins SPI Albania after more than 7 years of experience working for different departments in Bank of Albania - the Information Technology department; the Supervision department; but mostly in the Statistics department, at the Balance of Payments Division. She has studied and gained significant knowledge in areas of monetary theory and policy, international finance, money and banking and other economic related issues. Ms. Xhaferaj responsibilities have been mainly focused on compiling, analyzing and forecasting the Statistics of the External Sector, as well as, analyzing and explaining the implication of macroeconomics, fiscal and other policies on this sector of the Albanian economy. She holds a MA degree in International Finance from Kingston University in London, UK.
E-mail: endrita.xhaferaj@spi-albania.eu

Ms. Evis Gjebrea, Short Term Consultant
Ms. Evis Gjebrea is currently a Teaching Assistant in the European University of Tirana. She has a previous broad experience working with the Ministry of Finance at the Foreign Debt Department and World Bank. She received her Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations from the Romanian Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and Master Degree in Banking and Finance for Development from Giordano dell’Amore Foundation in collaboration with University of Bocconi and Milan State University, in Milan - Italy.
In 2007 she was enrolled in a one year Advanced Studies Program for Visiting Scholars at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. Her research interest was focused on Public Administration and Policy.
E-mail: secretariat@spi-albania.eu

Funding Arrangements


The SPI Staff is hosted and accommodated in AAB premises or in its immediate proximity free of charge. Office accommodation, equipment and furniture are put at the disposal of SPI staff during their mandate. AAB covers the cost of local experts. Convergence Program covers the SPI Secretariat staff salaries and travel expenses in connection with their duties as well as the international expertise provided by short-term experts. Aquifalc, the Regione Puglia's program for regional economic cooperation, is generously financing a large portion of SPI Albania's analytical activities in 2008.



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